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Join our Exclusive Executive Workshops in 2024

In a competitive and dynamic business journey, finding your key to success is essential. We invite you to join our Executive Workshop program focused on growth, transformation and business excellence.

Why Our Program is Important:

In an ever-evolving digital era, businesses need smart and skilled strategies to deal with rapid change.

Come join us! We are ready to help you reach the full potential of your business. Join our Executive Workshop program and discover success strategies that will lead you to competitive advantage. Register now and become a leader who always adapts and advances!

Through our workshops, you will:

Learn the latest concepts in business strategy, including Holding Company, Leading Digital, and Third Wave, which will help you stay relevant in a changing market.

Understand the concept of Lean Service to increase operational efficiency and reduce waste in your business.

Learn strategic marketing techniques, effective branding strategies, and how to position your business in a competitive market.

Training in team management, emotional communication (EQ), and managing subordinates that impact your team’s productivity.

Understand financial principles that will help you manage your business finances efficiently.



Our range of corporate training courses and executive workshops are customisable to suit your team and their development needs.


Our skilled Expert Group Trainers deliver training materials to University level, so you know the training you receive will be high quality.


Duration and frequency of the training courses are flexible and in your control.


Every participant will receive a Certificate issued by Central Queensland University and the Executive Business Training Centre.

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