About CQUniversity


One of Australia’s truly great public universities.

CQUniversity has been on a phenomenal growth trajectory in recent years, its remarkable growth in Australia and with students from across the world has seen it emerge as one of Australia’s truly great public universities.

Youthful, entrepreneurial and heavily focused on social innovation – Central Queensland University is committed to academic success and enhancing your student experience.

The University was formed under Queensland Government legislation in 1992 and was originally founded in 1967. Central Queensland University now has more than 20 locations across Australia and welcomes students from more than 115 countries across the globe to study with us.

A fully comprehensive University, Central Queensland University offers training and education opportunities from vocational (practical) training options to undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses and doctoral (PHD) research courses. For more information about our full range of courses and studying in Australia visit cqu.edu.au.


Established in March 2020, as a subsidiary of CQUniversity in Jakarta, the CQUniversity – Jakarta Campus is the perfect training partner for your business. Offering a range of professional development courses, the Centre is conveniently located in Mega Kuningan and is the first ever Australia university centre in Indonesia.

CQUniversity Australia operates in Jakarta in partnership with Universitas Bakrie, delivered at PT CQU Executive Business Training Centre. The collaboration between the two like-minded universities has resulted in innovative world class offerings for Indonesian students. The partnership has culminated in the provision of several good value courses, taught by top notch professors in state-of-the-art facilities, for Indonesian students.

This partnership with Bakrie made it possible for Indonesian students to earn top quality Australian degrees without leaving Indonesia, leading to new opportunities. For business executives, the CQU-UB partnership offers a dual degree in MM-MBA (Master of Management and Master of Business Administration). Students undertaking this course are guaranteed an internship opportunity at one of the leading banks in the country.

Students are also given the opportunity to specialise in one of the following specialisations: (1) Public Private Partnership (2) e-Commerce (3) Data Science. All these specialisations prepare the students for careers in the growing parts of the Indonesian economy.

For school leavers, the CQU-UB partnership offers the following double degree program:

1. Bachelor of Bussiness and Sarjana Manajemen
2. Bachelor of IT and Sarjana Komputer
3. Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations & Journalism) and Sarjana Ilmu Komunikasi
CQUniversity and UB engages each other regularly to update and improve each other.

The two universities aim to work even more closely together, in more areas of cooperation, so as to further contribute to Indonesia through education.

Why choose CQUniversity Australia – Jakarta Centre?

  • Our range of business short courses are customisable to suit your team and their development needs, allowing them to be focused.
  • Duration and frequency of the training courses are flexible and in your control.
  • The size of the group is under your control.
  • In addition to our short course and business training offerings, our skilled trainers deliver training materials to University level, so you know the training you receive will be high quality.
  • State-of-the-art facilities.
  • Every participant will receive a Certificate issued by the Centre.
  • Increase your career opportunities with an MM/MBA Dual Degree.
  • Gain a pathway to Undergraduate study in Australia or begin your business career with a quality education and study a Pathway Program to Undergraduate Degree.

Explore our range of professional development courses or contact us for further information.