Open Application International Double Degree

CQUniversity Jakarta Campus holding event Open Application Australian Bachelor + Sarjana. This event aims to bring the distance between prospective students closer and increase the presence of CQU Australia Jakarta Campus. This event is held at several points:


  • Canabeans Tangerang 13 Agustus 2022
  • Penang Bistro Grand Indonesia 17 Agustus 2022
  • Penang Bistro Central Park Mall 20 Agustus 2022
  • Yello Hotel Paskal Bandung 25 Agustus 2022


Get benefits only at this event!

  1. Free Counselling Session
  2. Scholarship up to 50% only at this event
  3. Limited 50 Registrations
  4. Last chance to apply!

Choose One To REGISTER!

(2) Comments

  • Hartawan 5 August 2022 @ 11:40 am

    I will like to join

    • admincqu 11 August 2022 @ 7:00 am

      Hi @Hartawan Please Choose the location you want to vist or send us a DM for more information

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