Speech Minister of Bappenas Suharso Manoarfa

JAKARTA – Following up on the Memorandum of Understanding for Triple Helix Agricultural Development/Food Security in North Sulawesi which was signed by the Ministry of Agriculture, North Sulawesi Provincial Government, North Bolaang Mongondow Government, Sam Ratulangi University Manado (UNSRAT), Central Queensland University – Australia (CQU-Australia) ), and Trade Investment Queensland (TIQ) in January 2021.
On January 22, 2022, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between Bappenas, the Government of North Bolaang Mongondow, CQU-Australia, and UNSRAT regarding the Triple Helix Pilot Project of the Innovative Animal Husbandry System Institute in Manado which later became the Institute of Innovative Agricultural Systems or IIFS.
“We know that the availability of food that is smaller than the level of demand will cause economic instability, social and political turmoil that interfere with national intervention,” explained PPN/Bappenas Suharso Manoarfa in his remarks.
The establishment of IIFS is a form of CQU-Australia’s commitment to contribute to the implementation of Indonesia’s national development targets in terms of food availability. Through this collaboration, CQU-Australia has provided doctoral or Ph.D. scholarships to Indonesian citizens (WNI) who are involved in research and research at IIFS. CQU-Australia has also prepared experts with world-class research experience and various types of cutting-edge technologies to be used in IIFS R&D activities.
“Thanks to Bakrie, Sam rantulagi, and the Government of Indonesia in particular Bappenas, we appreciate the values ​​of cooperation that are beneficial for the advancement of education, the development of Indonesian or Australian society,” explained CQU Chancellor Professor Nick Klomp in his speech.
Through the availability of adequate agriculture, it is hoped that it will increase the interest and interest of investors from various parts of the world to invest in Indonesia. Not only that but IIFS is also expected to be the beginning of the development and improvement of the quality of livestock and agricultural production in Eastern Indonesia so that the government’s program to prepare Indonesia to become the world’s food barn in 2045 can be realized.
The signing of the collaboration also coincided with the graduation ceremony for the first batch of students from the MM-MBA collaboration program at Bakrie University and CQU-Australia. CQU-Australia and Bakrie University have been collaborating since 2020. The partnership also offers a bachelor’s degree program (S1), which offers guaranteed employment upon completion of the program or a graduate guarantee. This partnership is a testament to the availability of easy and affordable access to international standard education degrees.

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